Premium Quality At Any Quantity


At C.M. Garmindo, we’re dedicated to becoming Indonesia’s top ethical children’s clothing manufacturer.

  • We treat our workers with respect and as such, we pay fair wages, national health, and pension benefits.

  • We are the only manufacturer in Indonesia to give our workers 25 days paid holidays while the country is set at only 12 days.

  • We provide healthy and nutritional meals during work hours to ensure none of our employees have to worry about food.

  • We’re an equal opportunity employer that offers personal and professional development to every employee.

Whether you’re an emerging brand or already have an established global presence, if you’re looking for an experienced and reliable children’s clothing manufacturer to scale with you, C.M. Garmindo knows exactly how to facilitate your needs.

Learn About C.M. Garmindo’s Capabilities

Small Batch For Emerging Brands

Our small batch children’s clothing manufacturing service provides emerging brands an opportunity to launch and grow quickly. C.M. Garmindo offers some of the lowest minimums in Indonesia.

Our current MOQ is:
20 pieces per style per variation
5 pieces per size
60 pieces total across your collection

Our Monthly Capacity is:
800,000 pieces

Large-scale Manufacturing Solutions For Brands Looking To Scale

If your brand has an established presence in the market, then C.M. Garmindo’s large-scale children’s clothing manufacturing service can seamlessly integrate with your company’s design, sourcing, and manufacturing needs with consistent quality and competitive pricing. Geared toward brands looking to scale, our experience, consistent production quality, and unmatched production management will ensure your company’s growth strategies are realised.

Our Machines:

  • JUKI® Smart Solutions Lockstitch
  • 2-Needle Automatic
  • Overlock 3/4/6-Needle
  • Interlock Machines
  • Coverstitch Machines
  • Chainstitch Machines
  • Fusing Machines
  • Automatic Buttoning/Snaps
  • Magnet/Sensor Needle Detectors

Dyeing & Treatments:

  • Botanical (plant-based) Dyes
  • OEKO-Tex® Certified Dyes
  • Tie-dye
  • Enzyme, Hot, Soft, and Stone Wash

Embroidery & Printing:

  • Digital Direct to Fabric
  • Digital Sublimation
  • Digital Direct to Garment
  • Silk Screen
  • Heat Press
  • Machine Embroidery