A Leader in Sustainable


As a premium custom children’s clothing manufacturer, C.M. Garmindo has broad capabilities when it comes to importing or sourcing fabrics, components, and trims.


On average, our clients order from approximately 250 to 300 different types of fabrics that we can source. However, C.M. Garmindo has the capability to custom manufacture, import, and source more than 1,000+ different fabrics from our global network of trusted supply chain partners.

We also pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality Organic and Recycled fabrics, some of which are not available anywhere else in Indonesia. C.M. Garmindo works with the top certified textile manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality sustainable fabrics in the world.

Contact Us if you’d like to custom order a fabric samples booklet.

Components, Labels, Tags, & Trims

The selection of high quality components, labels, tags, and trims from our trusted supply chain partners is absolutely fantastic. C.M. Garmindo sources certified components such as YKK® buttons and zippers, recycled drawstrings, underwire, and molded cups, as well as custom patch, metal, and wood components to showcase your branding.

With Care Labels, Woven Labels, and Hang Tags, the options are almost limitless. We can custom make just about any type of branded labels and tags.

C.M. Garmindo can custom make and source from countless options. Just let us know in your tech packs exactly what you need.